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Instant Run-off

Rounds continue until one candidate wins with 50% or more.
The lowest-ranked candidate is eliminated from each round.


This website demonstrates Instant Run-off Voting.

Advantages of Instant Run-off Voting

Allow Third-party Voting

Each voter can vote for a third-party candidate as first choice without fear of "throwing his vote away".

Majority Winner

The winning candidate is preferred by a majority of voters.

Stop "Lesser Evil" Voting

Sometimes, people vote for someone they don't like, but consider the "lesser evil". The 2016 Presidential Race is a good example. Some republicans do not care for Trump, but support him to present a united front against Clinton. Likewise, many democrats abhor Clinton but to NOT vote for her might allow Trump to win.

Tried and True

Instant Run-off Voting has been in use in states and cities in the USA, Australia, India, and other places for over 100 years.

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Watch an Instant Run-off Voting video.